Monday 25 November 2013


In Greek mythology, Phobos is described as the son of Aphrodite and Ares, and twin brother of Deimos (terror). Phobos was described as the personification of fear. In Greek mythology, Phobos is more of a personification of the fear brought by war and does not appear as a character in any myth. He was known for accompanying Ares into battle along with Enyo, Eris, and Deimos (terror).

Phobos often is depicted as having a lion's or lion like head. Warriors and heroes who worshiped Phobos such as Hercules and Agamemnon carried shields with depiction of Phobos on them. Those who worshiped Phobos often made bloody sacrifices in his name. 



  1. good information. why does it say terror after Deimos' name

    1. Phobos was the god of panic fear, flight and battlefield rout, and his twin-brother Deimos of fear, dread and terror. They were sons of the god Ares, who accompanied their father into battle, driving his chariot and spreading fear in their wake. As sons of Aphrodite, goddess of love, the twins also represented the fear of loss.

    2. Deimos is the god of terror

  2. do you know how they were made/born?