Friday 8 November 2013


:-Electra was the Oceanid Nymph of clouds and rain, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys.

 Electra was the wife of sea god, Thaumas, by whom she became the mother of Iris (rainbow) and Harpies (the storm-wind).        

2 :-Electra was the daughter of Atlas and Pleione, was one of the seven Pleiades, and became by Zeus the mother of Iasion (founder of Samothrakian Mysteries) and Dardanus (ancestor of the Trojan royal family). 

According to other version she was the wife of Italian king Corythus, by whom she had son Iasion, where as by Zeus she was the mother of Dardanus. She was also entrusted with the fostering of Aphrodite illegitimate daughter Harmonia.          

3 :-Electra was the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. When Agamemnon was murdered by Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus, Electra save her young brother Orestes from the same fate by sending him away. 

Electra and her brother Orestes

Orestes later return, and Electra helped him kill their mother and Aegisthus. She then married her brother's friend Pylades.   


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