Thursday 24 October 2013

Zeus and Persephone

Persephone, the goddess of spring, before she became queen of underworld (before her abduction to Hades). Most of the gods wanted to make her their bride. Hermes offered his rod as gift, Apollo produced his melodious harp as a marriage gift. Ares brought spear and cuirass for the wedding and shield as bride gift. Hephaestus bring necklace of many colours as a gift. Even Persephone beauty could not escaped the allseeing eyes of Zeus

             Demeter, mother of Persephone, reject all gifts sent to Persephone. Demeter worried about her daughter, so she went to the house of Astraios, the god of prophecy or more specifically astrology.   Astraios told Demeter to guard her daughter against a robber-bridegroom and before marriage a false and secret bedfellow will come unforeseen, a half monster and cunning mind. 

Demeter hid her gorgeous young daughter, in a cave deep under ground and two dragons were placed to gard the cave.Zeus was bewitched by Persephone beauty and somehow found out the cave where Demeter had hid her. Zeus transformed himself into a dragon, lulled the two dragons into sleep, who were guarding the cave, and managed to get inside the cave. Where he seduce, his own daughter, Persephone virgin body in form of dragon. With their union, Zagreus was born. 

Later when Persephone became queen of underworld, she was again seduce by Zeus but this time disguised as her husband, Hades. Melinoe  was said to be born from this union.

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  1. thank you this is really going to help with my greek god and goddess project on persephone.

  2. ¿Quien es padre de persefone?

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    1. yeah so the story above ant true i mean earlier story say hades impregnated his wife and if this story was true demeter percephone's mom would know what is going on at all times and would protect her daughter from zues but like i said the story above ant true because demeter and hades would protect his wife or someon he loved with his immortal army anyways the story above ant true because of demeter would protect her daughter from zues and earlier stories say hades took percephone's virginity not anyone else so zues could not have done this earlier story and demeter prove zues could not do this and the story up above comes after the aduction story percephone would never cheat and zues could not acutally get to percephone the immortal army hades has would scare zues from ever even trying

  4. Zagreus was again concieved of the union of Persephone and Zeus in Hades' disguise, says the Orphic myths. This Zagreus later become Dionysus. However, earlier myths say that the boy's father was actually Hades. Zagreus was also used as an epithet of Hades in early mythology and the gods feared hades even zues also hades has an immortal army they die when trying to kill the gods above that helpped zues big whoop they are already dead the monster and the heros are also loyal to hades thhey here what zues did they would torture him for this act so it most likely never happened the early story states hades impregnated his wife and it came 1st and was widly excepted this later story ant true the earlier one is

  5. so hades impregnated his wife percephone not zues has hades would know who did it and would just kill zues or torture him with his immortal army zues would know this and wouldn't even try because he would suffer for this so he would even try this if he did he would just be wrecked by hades and his immortal legion of the dead heros and monster i mean zues would be fucked so he would not even try this so hades impregnated his wife like the earlier stories state that hades impregnated percephone and it came 1st so it is true and also the story up above is later like way after hades and percephone so she would be hades queen and zues would be uterly fucked the story up above ant true it just a lie and later story it ant true or right so zues never did this because well if it was true demeter would know were zues and percephone are at all time and would stop zues if the story up above was true so hades impregnated his wife

    1. i had a migraine reading this

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    1. yeah, it's very confusing to read

  7. I've seen so many people here completely disregard everything that they had just read basing their arguments off point already covered. Also they seem to just adore making embarrassing spelling mistakes such as 'zues'. Seriously, just scroll up and check because his name is there and spelt correctly, the least you could have done for the bastard is capitalise his name.

    Many also seem to disregarding everything the learnt in schooling years 1 to 4 and not utilise periods or commas at all- at times that could have quite frankly have used a hyphen- and honestly, if you're going to attempt and disprove what is stated above in correctly spelt and punctuated text- true or not- you could at least match their level and not gift somebody the burden of having a stroke whilst reading it.