Monday 21 October 2013

Zeus and Hera

                             Hera grew up to be the most beautiful of the goddesses and Zeus fell in love with her. Zeus was unsuccessful to win her love. So he transformed himself in a cuckoo and flown outside Hera window, pretending to be frozen by cold. At the sight of the bird Hera felt sorrow and pity. She took it inside and held it to her breast to warm it. Zeus then resume his normal form and  took advantage of surprise he gained on her, and seduce her. So Hera married her brother Zeus in order to cover her shame of being taken forcefully. Their marriage took place at the garden of Herperides. Everyone welcome their new queen, even Gaea was so happy that she made a tree blossom with golden apples in Hera's honor.

                                  It is said that after the wedding, Zeus and Hera went on honeymoon which lasted for three hundred years. Even though they had happy moments, Hera never forgot about what had Zeus done to her.  When Zeus was harsh on fellow Olympians, and they were getting fed up with him, Hera talked them into revolt. Hera drugged Zeus drink, and when he fell asleep, she called the other gods and tied Zeus tightly making hundred knots and took his thunderbolt. They began to argue about what the next step would be and who would be king. Hekatoncheires overheard the arguments. He was was the one Zeus had freed from Tartarus. He immediately sneak in and untied each knot at same time with his hundred hands. Zeus woke up and quickly grabbed his thunderbolt. 
                   So gods fell to their knees begging and pleading for mercy. Zeus then grabbed Hera and tied her wrists with golden chains, heavy anvils to her feet and hung her from heaven.  She cried all night in pain, no one dare to help her in fear of Zeus. The next day, Zeus showed mercy, and agree to let her go in one condition, she was to swear never again to rebel against him. Hera promised never to do do that again and kept her word. But her wrath towards Zeus mistress and illegitimate children had began.   



  1. Zeus commented: please be on my chest, but Hera refused. So he transformed in a cuckoo and shook her right brest. Their love was famous.

  2. so baisically Zeus was lazy and didn't feel like asking Apphrodite to help him (propbably too embarassed) so he raped Hera just to get her marry him? ugh men

  3. 'took advantage of surprise he gained on her, and seduce her'- rape. he raped her; don't try to sugar coat it