Thursday 24 October 2013

Demeter and Iasion

At the marriage of Kadmos (Cudmus) and Harmonia, Demeter fell in love with Iasion, which was attended by all gods. Iasion was lured by Demeter away from marriage celebration. They had intercourse as Demeter lay on her back in thrice ploughed field. When they rejoined the marriage celebration, Zeus guessed what had happened because of the mud on Demeter backside and got angry. Zeus killed Iasion with a thunderbolt. Some say that Iasion with the agriculture hero Triptolemus were afterward placed amongst the stars in the form of  the constellation Gemini.  


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  1. Iasion (in Greek) or Jasius (in Latin) was the Semigod where we all come from according to Virgil. He ascended after being killed by his father. He founded a school of religious teaching... Rev. R. Taylor was arrested in England in the 19th century for comparing Jesus to Jasius.