Friday 4 October 2013


1.Ceto:- Ceto or Keto was daughter of Pontus and Gaea. She was a marine goddess who personified the danger of the sea. She was more specifically a goddess of whales, large sharks, and sea monsters.

 Ceto consort was her brother, the sea god Phorkys, by whom she conceived Ekhidna (the viper), Skylla (the crab), Ladon (the dragon), the Graia, and Gorgones. As mother of Skylla Ceto was also called Krataiis or Crataeis.

2. Ceto:- Keto or Ceto was an Indian Oceanid Naiad Nymph loved by the sun-god Helios.

 She bore him a daughter named Astris, the star-nymphe wife of the Indian river-god Hydaspes.


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