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In Greek mythology, Oeneus was described as was king of Pleuron and Calydon in Aetolia. Oeneus was the son of of Porthaon and Euryte, and brother of Agrius and Melas.

                               Oeneus was married to Althaea by whom he became the father of Toxeus, Thyreus, Clymenus, and Meleager, and of two daughters, Gorge and Deianeira. According to other version, Deianeira  was daughter of Dionysus, the wine god. When Dionysus had come as a guest to Oeneus, he fell in love with Althaea.  Dionysus seduced Althaea with the full consent of her husband, Oeneus, who had received the gift of the vine (grape plant). Oeneus introduced wine-making to Aetolia, which he learned from Dionysus.
 In some version, Meleager was was described as the daughter of Ares, the god of war, as Althaea had an illicit sexual relationship with Ares.
Oeneus forgot to sacrifice the first fruits of his harvest to goddess Artemis

                           Once, Oeneus neglected to sacrifice the first fruits of his harvest to the powerful goddess Artemis, she sends a great wild boar to ravage the land. Heroes come from all over Greece to participate in the Calydonian boar hunt that ensues. The athletic heroine Atalanta wounds the boar, and Meleager finishes it off. There exist varying accounts of the ensuing events; in one, Meleager’s mother, Althaea, causes his death and then kills herself.
                       Oeneus’s second wife was Periboea (daughter of Hipponous), with whom he became father of Tydeus. In one version, Tydeus was described as the son of Oeneus by his own daughter, Gorge. Tydeus, was exiled for murder, and Oeneus was deposed by his own brother, Agrius.
                        Tydeus died on the expedition of the Seven Against Thebes, but his son Diomedes returned and restored Oeneus to the throne. Oeneus handed Calydon over to his son-in-law Andraemon, the husband of Gorge. Oeneus either died of natural causes or was killed by the surviving sons of Agrius who laid an ambush against him while Diomedes was transporting him to Peloponessus. He was buried in Argos by Diomedes, and a town was named Oenoe after him.


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