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Niobe1 (daughter of Phoroneus)
                                            In Greek mythology, Niobe was described as the daughter of Phoroneus, king of Argos (son of the river god Inachusand). Niobe, the princess of Argolis, was very beautiful and Zeus, the king of gods, fell in love with her.

 Niobe was the first mortal woman, with who Zeus had sexual intercourse. Niobe bore him two sons Argus and Pelasgus. According to some versions, Pelasgus was described as the son of Poseidon or earth-born.

                                  In Greek mythology, Niobe was described as the daughter of Tantalus1 and Dione2 (or  Eurythemista or Euryanassa) and the sister of Pelops and Broteas. Niobe was married to Amphion, king of Thebes, and had six sons and six daughters.Being proud of the number of her children, she deemed herself superior to Titan Leto, who had given birth only to two children (Apollo and Artemis)
Apollo and Artemis killing Niobe's children

                         As punishment for her pride, Apollo killed all Niobe’s sons, and Artemis killed all her daughters. According to some versions, one of Niobe sons, Amphion or Amyclas, and one of her daughters, Meliboea, were saved. Their father, Amphion, at the sight of his dead sons killed himself or was killed by Apollo for having sworn revenge. Devastated, Niobe fled to Mount Sipylus. 

For nine days their bodies lay in their blood without any one burying them, for Zeus had changed the people into stones, but on the tenth day the gods themselves buried them. Niobe, who had gone to mount Sipylus, was turned into stone, and, as she wept unceasingly, waters started to pour from her petrified complexion. Mount Sipylus indeed has a natural rock formation which resembles a female face, and it has been associated with Niobe since ancient times. The rock formation is also known as the "Weeping Rock"

                                        According to one version, Niobe was described as the daughter of Assaon and the wife of Philottus Niobe entered into a dispute with Leto about the beauty of their respective children. In consequence of this Philottus was torn to pieces during the chase, and Assaon fell in love with his own daughter. Niobe rejected him, and Assaon in revenge burnt all her children, in consequence of which Niobe threw herself down from a rock.


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