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                                         In Greek mythology, Charon was the ferryman of the death, an underworld spirit in the service of Hades. Charon received the souls of the dead from Hermes or Thanatos, who gathered them from the upper world and guided them to the shores of the rivers Styx and Archeron, that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. 
Charon, the ferryman.

                 From there Charon transported them in his boat to a final resting place, the land of dead on the other side. The fee for his service was place in or on the mouth of a corpse (dead person) at burial. Those who could not pay the fee or those who had not received due burial would left to wonder the earthly side, haunting the upper world as ghost.   
Charon and Psyche

                                     In Greek mythology, heroes such as Hercules, Orphus, Aeneas, Dante, and Psyche took journey to the underworld and return, still alive conveyed by the boat of Charon. Charon was the son of Erebus, the god of darkness and Nyx, the goddess of night. Charon was depicted as sulky old man or as a winged demon carrying a double hammer.


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