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Demeter and Iasion

At the marriage of Kadmos (Cudmus) and Harmonia, Demeter fell in love with Iasion, which was attended by all gods. Iasion was lured by Demeter away from marriage celebration. They had intercourse as Demeter lay on her back in thrice ploughed field. When they rejoined the marriage celebration, Zeus guessed what had happened because of the mud on Demeter backside and got angry. Zeus killed Iasion with a thunderbolt. Some say that Iasion with the agriculture hero Triptolemus were afterward placed amongst the stars in the form of  the constellation Gemini.  



Iasion was son of Zeus and Electra, the daughter of Atlas. But according to other versions he was the son of Corythus and Electra or Zeus and Hemera or Minos and Pyronia. Iasion was an agriculture hero and the consort of the goddess Demeter in the Samothracian mystery. According to legend Iasion lay with Demeter in a thrice ploughed field during the wedding celebration of Kadmos and Hermonia on the island which was attended by all gods. When Zeus learned of the affair, he got angry, and struck Iasion down with thunderbolt. According to other versions Iasion was killed by his own horses, whereas in other he lived to an advanced age as the husband of Demeter. 



The Haliai or Haliades were the nymphes of the sea. They were daughters of the sea gods. They were depicted as beautiful maidens, sometime riding through the sea on back of fish-tailed horses (Hippokampoi), sea monsters (Ketea), and dolphins. Some of sea nymphs are :- Amphitrite, Halia, Rhode, Skylla, Thetis, etc.....  



Athena was the goddess of war, handicraft, and wisdom. She represented the virtues of justice and skill in warfare as opposed to the blood lust of Ares. She was associated with birds (especially the owl) and snake, and she was usually represented as a virgin goddess. 

According to legend, Zeus swallowed Metis (his first wife), when she was pregent with Athena, on the advice of Gaea and Uranus, as Metis prophesied to Zeus that she would gave birth first to a girl and afterward to a boy, to whom the rule of world was destined. Athena sprang from the head of Zeus in full armour.  In some version it is stated that Hephaestus or Prometheus or Hermes assisted Zeus in giving birth to Athena. 

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Zeus and Persephone

Persephone, the goddess of spring, before she became queen of underworld (before her abduction to Hades). Most of the gods wanted to make her their bride. Hermes offered his rod as gift, Apollo produced his melodious harp as a marriage gift. Ares brought spear and cuirass for the wedding and shield as bride gift. Hephaestus bring necklace of many colours as a gift. Even Persephone beauty could not escaped the allseeing eyes of Zeus

             Demeter, mother of Persephone, reject all gifts sent to Persephone. Demeter worried about her daughter, so she went to the house of Astraios, the god of prophecy or more specifically astrology.   Astraios told Demeter to guard her daughter against a robber-bridegroom and before marriage a false and secret bedfellow will come unforeseen, a half monster and cunning mind. 

Demeter hid her gorgeous young daughter, in a cave deep under ground and two dragons were placed to gard the cave.Zeus was bewitched by Persephone beauty and somehow found out the cave where Demeter had hid her. Zeus transformed himself into a dragon, lulled the two dragons into sleep, who were guarding the cave, and managed to get inside the cave. Where he seduce, his own daughter, Persephone virgin body in form of dragon. With their union, Zagreus was born. 

Later when Persephone became queen of underworld, she was again seduce by Zeus but this time disguised as her husband, Hades. Melinoe  was said to be born from this union.

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Amphitrite was the goddess queen of the sea, the wife of king Poseidon. Amphitrite is described as daughter of Nereus and Doris, one of the fifty Nereides. In other version she is daughter of Oceanus and Tethys ( an Oceanis). She is mostly describe as the female personification of the sea (same as Thalassa). 




                                         The Pleiades were seven mountain nymph daughters of the Titan Atlas and Pleione. Their names were Maia, Electra, Taygete, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope, and Merope. Their leader was Maia, the mother of Hermes by Zeus. Five of others were also loved by gods, becoming ancestresses of various royal families including those of Troy  and Sparta. The seventh one in some version was Merope, who became invisible from shame, because she alone among her sisters had intercourse with a moral man. In other version it was Electra, who became invisible because of her grief at the destruction of Dardanur (ancestor of the Trojan royal family). 

                                               According to some versions, the Pleiades, along with their half sisters the Hyades, were the companions to Artemis. The lustful giant Orion pursued the Pleiades named Maia, Electra, Taygete, Celaeno, Alcyone, Sterope, and Merope after he fell in love with their beauty and grace. Artemis asked Zeus to protect the Pleiades and in turn, Zeus turned them into stars. Artemis was angry because she no longer could see her companions and had her brother, Apollo, send a giant scorpion to chase and kill Orion. Zeus then turned Orion into a constellation to further pursue the Pleiades in the skies.



Doris was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys (an Oceanis) and wife of Nereus by whom she became the mother of the Nereides.

 Doris may have been the goddess of the rich fishing-grounds found at the mouth of rivers where fresh water mingled with the brine.



Nereides  were described as the daughters of Nereus by Doris.  The Nereides were fifty Haliad Nymphy or goddess of sea. They were the patrons of sailors and fishermen, who came to the aid of men in distress and goddesses who had in their care the sea's rich bounty.  

They are described as lovely divinities and dewelling with their father at the bottom of the sea. Individually they also represented various facets of the sea, from salty brine, to foam, sand, rocky shores, waves, and currents, in addition to the various skills possessed by seamen.  



Nereus was the eldest son of  Pontus (the sea) and Gaea (the earth), and husband of Doris, by whom he became the father of the fifty Nereid daughters. Nereus is described as old man of the sea and the god of the sea's rich bounty of fish. 

                                  He was believed like other marine divinities to have the power of prophesying the future and  of appearing to morals in different shapes. It was for Nereus knowledge that Hercules once wrestled him, in search of directions to the land of Herpesied. 


Zeus and Hera

                             Hera grew up to be the most beautiful of the goddesses and Zeus fell in love with her. Zeus was unsuccessful to win her love. So he transformed himself in a cuckoo and flown outside Hera window, pretending to be frozen by cold. At the sight of the bird Hera felt sorrow and pity. She took it inside and held it to her breast to warm it. Zeus then resume his normal form and  took advantage of surprise he gained on her, and seduce her. So Hera married her brother Zeus in order to cover her shame of being taken forcefully. Their marriage took place at the garden of Herperides. Everyone welcome their new queen, even Gaea was so happy that she made a tree blossom with golden apples in Hera's honor.

                                  It is said that after the wedding, Zeus and Hera went on honeymoon which lasted for three hundred years. Even though they had happy moments, Hera never forgot about what had Zeus done to her.  When Zeus was harsh on fellow Olympians, and they were getting fed up with him, Hera talked them into revolt. Hera drugged Zeus drink, and when he fell asleep, she called the other gods and tied Zeus tightly making hundred knots and took his thunderbolt. They began to argue about what the next step would be and who would be king. Hekatoncheires overheard the arguments. He was was the one Zeus had freed from Tartarus. He immediately sneak in and untied each knot at same time with his hundred hands. Zeus woke up and quickly grabbed his thunderbolt. 
                   So gods fell to their knees begging and pleading for mercy. Zeus then grabbed Hera and tied her wrists with golden chains, heavy anvils to her feet and hung her from heaven.  She cried all night in pain, no one dare to help her in fear of Zeus. The next day, Zeus showed mercy, and agree to let her go in one condition, she was to swear never again to rebel against him. Hera promised never to do do that again and kept her word. But her wrath towards Zeus mistress and illegitimate children had began.   


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Hermes and Aphrodite

Hermes was attracted towards Aphrodite's beauty and fell in love with her. But Aphrodite refused his love, so Hermes got greatly depressed. Zeus pitied on Hermes and planned to  help him.

                                          When Aphrodite was bathing in the river Achelous, Zeus sent an eagle to take her sandal to Amythaonia of the Egypitans and gave it to Hermes. Aphrodite in seeking for her sandal came to Hermes, who seduce her in return of her sandal. So Hermes, on attaining his desire, as a reward put the eagle in the sky, as the constellation Aqtilla. From Hermes and Aphrodite union Hermaphrodite was born.



Perses was the son of Titan Crius and Eurybia. He was the titan god of destruction. He was wed to Asteria, his cousin, daughter of Titan Coeus and Phoebe. They had one child, Hecate- honored by Zeus above all others, as the goddess of wilderness, childbirth, witchcraft and magic.


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Ares was the greek god of war, battlelust, civil order and manly courage. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. Ares was seen as the force of destruction, savage warfare, and bloodlust. Noone really liked his activities because wherever he went, he left traces of misfortune and aberration behind. 
Ares and Aphrodite

                            Ares was associated from early time with Aphrodite, occasionally portrayed as his legitimate wife and at other time lover. He was accompanied in battle by his sister Eris and by two of his  children by Aphrodite, Phobos and Deimos (panic and rout).

Ares love
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 1:-In Greek mythology Brimo- "anger" "terrifying" occurs as a surname of several goddess such as Hecate, Persephone, Demeter, and Cyele. 

2:-Brimo-"anger" "raging" is an aspect of Ares. 

3:-Brimo was possibly title of the goddess Hecate, who as a goddess of the underworld and of the Eleusinian Mysteries was closely associated with Hermes, guide of the death. Brimo virginity was lost to Hermes on the banks of th Tiessalion lake Boibeis.



                                                 In Greek mythology, Arteria  Asteria was the daughter of the Titan Coeus and Phoebe. She was the sister of Leto, and wife of Perses, by whom she became the mother of Hecate. Arteria Asteria was the titan goddess of the oracles and prophecies of night, including prophetic dreams, and the reading of the star (astrology). 

                         After the fall of the Titans, Arteria Asteria was pursued by the Zeus. She fled his advances, transformed herself into a quail and leaped into he sea. There Poseidon took up the chase, so she transformed herself into the island of Delos. Arteria Asteria sister, Leto had relations with Zeus, for which she was hounded by Hera all over the earth. She finally reached Delos and gave birth to Artemis, who thereupon helped her to deliver Apollo.  



Hecate or Hekate was the daughter of Perses and Asteria. She was the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, and ghost. She was often depicted in triple form as a goddess of crossroad.  

                       According to legend, when Zeus became the ruler of the universe, he did not deprive Hecate of the privilege, concerning earth, heaven and sea that she shared when Titans ruled. Hecate was regarded as supreme both in heaven and in the underworld, and was said that Zeus calls upon her whenever any man on earth offers sacrifices and prays for favor. 

                             Hecate assisted Demeter in her search for Persephone, guiding her through the night with flaming torches. After the mother-daughter reunion, she became Persephone attendant and companion.   


Ares, Hephaetus and Aphrodite

"Adultery of Aphrodite"  

   Once Ares began to make fun of Eros' weapon. Eros said that his weapon is heavy and Ares must try it. Ares took the weapon (javelin), while Aphrodite smiled quietly. Ares with a groan said that its heavy, take it back. Eros asked him to keep it and bound Ares and Aphrodite in love. 
Ares, Aphrodite and Eros

                                  Hephaestus sent golden chair as gift of Hera. When Hera sat on the chair, she had triggered a trap which bounded her to the chair. As Hephaestus want to take revenge from his mother (Hera), who had cast him away from heaven, after birth because she was ashamed at bearing a crippled son. Zeus sought the assistance of gods in the freeing his queen and offered the goddess Aphrodite in marriage to the god who could bring Hephaestus to Olympus. Aphrodite agreed to the arrangement in the belief that her beloved Ares would prevail. Ares stormed to forge of Hephaestus, bearing  arms, but was driven back by the Hephaestus with showers of flaming metal. Dionysus next approached Hephaestus and suggested that he might claim Aphrodite for himself, if he release his mother. Hephaestus was pleased with the plan and ascended to heaven with Dionysus, released his mother and wed Aphrodite. 
Hephaetus and Aphrodite
                          Hephaestus had built palace for his beautiful bride Aphrodite and a special golden bed chamber. But it did not  stop Aphrodite to have love affair with Ares, and they lay together secretly  in marriage bed of Hephaestus.  Helios, who was able to see all deeds from both morals and immortals, told about this affair of Ares and Aphrodite to Hephaestus. When Hephaestus found out of his wife affair, he got angry. He made a magical net and planned to trap the couple in action. 
Hephaetus and Aphrodite

                          He placed the invisible net on the bed and and all around it, even on the roof wall. Then he made as if to depart to Lemnos, the town, which he loved more than any place on earth. Ares had seen  Hephaestus go, and approached Hephaestus' house, pining for love of Aphrodite. Aphrodite had just return from the palace of Zeus and was sitting down in the house as Ares entered in. He took her hand and told her  Hephaestus is no longer  here and had departed to Lemnos.   
Ares and Aphrodite traped
So they went to the golden bed chamber and lay down on bed. The net of magical chains enveloped them and they could neither raise their limbs nor shift them at all. Ares and Aphrodite realized that there is no escaping. In meantime, Helios was reporting everything to Hephaestus and he was already on his way home, frustrated and angered. Hephaestus also called all the gods to come and see this infidelity. Poseidon was only one among the gods, who asked and convinced, Hephaestus to release Ares and Aphrodite from trap, as they lie embracing in Hephaestus bed. Because of this adultery, Ares was banished from Olympus.   


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Persephone was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She was the goddess queen of the underworld, wife of Hades. She was also the goddess of spring growth, who was worshipped alongside her mother, Demeter in the Eleusinian Mysteries
Abduction of Persephone

Persephone was abducted to the underworld by Hades, lord of the dead. Demeter searched relentlessly for Persephone. Upon discovering Persephone fate she brought famine down upon the earth until Zeus agreed to her return. Persephone stay two third time of year with her mother and one third of time in underworld.  

Abduction of Persephone:
Zeus and Persephone:


Demeter and Poseidon

Demeter followed by Poseidon

                                When Demeter was wandering in search of her daughter (Persephone), she was followed by Poseidon, who lusted after her. In order to escape Poseidon embraces, Demeter transform herself into a mare and grazed with the mares of Ogkios, realising that he was outwitted. Poseidon tricked  her with transforming himself into stallion and forced her to mate with him. At first Demeter was angry at what had happened, but later on she laid aside her wrath and wished to bath in the Ladon.  She gave birth to Poseidon daughter, Desponia and to Arion, a horse with the ability to speak human language.  


Eleusinian Mysteries

Most famous Mystery Religion of ancient Greece. It is based on the story of Demeter, whose daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Hades. While searching for her daughter, Demeter stopped at Eleusis, revealed her identity to the royal family, and taught the natives her rites. The Greater Mysteries were celebrated in autumn, beginning with a procession from Athens to temple at Eleusis. This was followed by a ritual bath in the sea, three days of fasting, and completion of secret rites. Initiates were promised personal salvation and benefits in the afterlife.   

Abduction of Persephone

"Abduction of Persephone or Rape of Persephone"

                 According to Greek legend, Hades was in love with beautiful Persephone. Zeus without knowledge of Demeter had promised  Persephone to Hades. When Persephone was  playing in a flowery meadow with her companions, Hades carried her off to the underworld as his bride. Persephone cries of anguish was heard by Hecate. Demeter only heard the echo of her voice, immediately set out in search of her daughter. Demeter wandered in search of her daughter for nine days without taking food and without bathing.

 On tenth day she met Hecate, who told her that she had heard the cries of Persephone, but did not know who had carried her off. Hecate assisted Demeter in her search for Persephone guiding her through the night with flaming torches.Together they went to Helios, who was able to see all deeds from both morals and immortals. Her told Demeter that Zeus and Hades were to blame. Demeter in her anger at this news, leave Olympus and went to earth among men, conferring presents and blessings wherever she was kindly received and severely punishing those who repulsed her or did not receive her gift with proper reverence.

Demeter in her anger produced famine on the earth by not allowing the field to produce any fruit. Zeus anxious that the race of  mortals should not become extinct sent out all the gods of Olympus to conciliate Demeter. But Demeter vowed not to return to Olympus nor to restore the fertility of the earth, till she had seen her daughter again. Zeus sent Hermes to the underworld to speak to Hades and try to convince him to let Persephone to return to her mother. After Hermes successful persuasion, Hades was willing to let her go. But in other hand tricked her with promegranate seed as farewell gift. Once eaten the seed, she became bound to the underworld and would have to return eventually. 

Demeter and Persephone reunion

Demeter was once again outraged. Zeus now sent Rhea to persuade  Demeter to return to Olympus and also granted that Persephone should spend only one third part of the year in underworld. Demeter lift the curse from the lands. But in the sign of the protest, she was casting sorrow each year when her daughter had to leave for underworld. This was know as the winter time. 



Demeter was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, and sister of Hestia, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. Like the other children of Cronus, she was devoured by her father, but he have her forth again after taking the emetic (causing vomiting) which Metis had given him. By her brother Zeus, Demeter became the mother of Persephone, and by Poseidon of Despoena and the horse Arion.

Demeter mourning for Persephone

  Demeter was goddess of harvest and fertility of the earth. Her greatest gift to mankind were wheat and corn, and the knowledge of agricultural techniques. Demeter is best remembered for her role in the story of Persephone (abduction of Persephone or rape of Persephone) in which her lack of attention to harvest causes a famine. Demeter was sometimes worshiped as a divinity of the underworld and as a goddess of health, birth and marriage.  


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                                                      Hermes, son of Zeus and Maia, the daughter of Atlas. He was born in a cave of Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. According to legend, after first hours of Hermes birth, he escaped from his cradle, went to Pieiria and stole some oxen of Apollo. To prevent from being discovered by tracks, Hermes put boots on cattle's feet and led them to Pylos. Hermes sacrificed two oxen, pinned up thier hides on rocks, boiled some meat for his meal and burned the rest what was left of those two oxen. At same time he offered sacrifices to 12 gods, so Hermes is probably called the inventor of divine worship and sacrifices.
Infant Hermes and Maia

                                          From the tortoise-shell that he found there, while having a meal, he made a lyre with binding strings made from cattle across the shell and also a plectrum for the lyre. Apollo, by his prophetic power, had discovered the thief, and went to Cyllene to charge him with it before his mother Maia. She showed Apollo the child in its cradle. Apollo took the boy before Zeus, and demanded back his oxen.  Zeus commanded Hermes to comply with the demand of Apollo, but Hermes denied that he had stolen the cattle. However when Hermes saw that his assertions were not believed, he conducted  Apollo to Pylos, and restored to him his oxen. But when Apollo heard the sound of the lyre, he was so charmed that he allowed Hermes to keep the animals. Hermes now invented the syrinx, and after having disclosed his intention to Apollo, they became friends.
Hermes, the messenger of Zeus

 Apollo presented Hermes with his own golden shepherd,s staff, thought him the art of prophesying by means of dice. Hermes promised Apollo never to steal anything from him again. Zeus impressed with Hermes and appointed him as his personal messenger. Hermes was messenger of the gods and the conductor of the dead to Hades. As a messenger he was god of road and doorways, and the protector of travelers and even thieves. 

Hermes love