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 Amymone was princess of Argos, one of the Danaides, the fifty daughters of Danaus. The family migrated from Libya in North Africa to Argos in Greece. But new land was parched by drought. So Danaus sent his daughters out to find water.

Danaides, the fifty daughters of Danus

 Amymone whiled searching for water, threw a spear at a deer and hit a sleeping satyr, who woke, jump up and was ready to have sex with her. Then Poseidon appeared and the Satyr ran off. Poseidon himself have sex with her, after which he told her about the spring of Lerna. She bore him a son name Nauplius.
Amymone, Poseidon and Satyr

 The fifty sons of Danaus' brother Aigyptus, later arrived in Argos in search of their cousins. They forced Danaus to let them marry the girls, but he persuaded his daughters to murder the men on their wedding night. Amymone compelled, slaying her husband Enkeladus. 


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