Sunday 24 November 2013


In Greek mythology, Othreis was an Oreiad or Naiad nymph, who was loved by Apollo and Zeus. She became mother of Phager (Phagrus) by Apollo, and of Meliteus by Zeus. According to legend, when Othreis gave birth to Zeus child (Meliteus), she was in fear of Hera wrath. In fear of Hera, as Othreis had affair with Zeus (Hera husband), she exposed her child in forest. The child however nurtured by bees and thus survived. He was soon found by his half-brother, Phager, who was pasturing his sheep in forest.  Impressed with the child being nurtured in such a marvelous way, Phager took him home (to Phthia). Phager brought him up with great care and gave him name Meliteus, "Bee-Man", because he had been nourished by bees. When Meliteus grew up, he founded the city Melite in Phthia.


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