Tuesday 5 November 2013


Nerites was a young sea god, son of Nereus and Doris. Nerites was the most beautiful of men and gods. Aphrodite was delighted to be with Nerites in the sea and love him. When Aphrodite was invited by Zeus to join the gods of Olympus, the goddess wants to bring her companion and play fellow along. But Nerites refused, preferring life with his sisters (Nereides) and parents to Olympus. Nerites was permitted to grow wings, this was a gift from Aphrodite, but even this favour could not change his mind. So Aphrodite in anger transformed Nerites into shell-fish and chose Eros (love), who also was young and beautiful to gave the wings of Nerites
                              According to other version Nerites was a male-lover of the sea god Poseidon also a charioteer of Poseidon , who dare to challenge the sun god Helios to a chariot race. Nerites was defeated and as punishment for his hubris was transformed by the god into sell-fish. 


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