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In Greek mythology, Tyro was described as the daughter of Salmoneus (one of the seven sons of King Aiolos of Thessaly) and Alcidice. Tyro fell in love with the river god Enipeus, whose waters were the most beautiful of any that flow on earth.


                   Once Tyro was sitting by the banks of the river, Poseidon approached her in the guise of the river-god Enipius.and had sex with her. The high waves curled over them, to hide the god and the mortal girl. After fulfilling his desire, Poseidon told her his true identity and ordered her to keep it a secret.   
Tyro and Poseidon in the guise of the river-god Enipius
 In secret she gave birth to twin boys Pelias and Neleus, which she exposed in the wilderness to die. Pelias and Neleus, were found and rescued by passing herdsmen who raised them as their own. According to other version, Tyro revealed she was pregnant by the god, her father Salmoneus refused to believe her, instead suspecting his wicked brother Sisyphos was involved. So he commanded her to expose the children as soon as they were born.
                                            In some versions, Sisyphus  wicked brother of Tyro father, Salmoneus , found out from an oracle that if he married Tyro, she would bear him children who would kill Salmoneus. Sisyphus secretly had sex with Tyro  and  she bore him a son. But when she found out what the child would do to Salmoneus, she killed the boy. It was soon after this that Tyro had sex with Poseidon, and bore him Pelias and Neleus.
                                             Tyro's father Salmoneus later married her to his brother Kretheus, King of Iolkos, and she bore him three sons (Aison, Amythaon and, Pheres) . Upon reaching manhood the sons of Poseidon (Pelias and Neleus) returned to their mother, and seized control of their uncle's Kretheus' kingdom. They also slew his second wife Sidero, who had been mistreating Tyro.


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