Wednesday 15 January 2014


1:-In Greek mythology, a girl named Halia, encounter an enormous serpent (Drakon Ophiogeneikos), when she was visiting a sacred grove of the goddess Artemis
Halia and the serpent

The immense size, serpent coiled around her and seduce her. Halia bore him a son name Ophiogenes (the serpent born), ancestor of the Ophiogenees tribe.   

In Greek mythology, Halia was a sea (Haliad) nymph, and the daughter of Thalassa. Halia was loved by Poseidon. She was the mother of Rhodos and six sons by Poseidon. In some versions, she was also described as Poseidon childhood nurse.  
Halia, sea nymph

Shortly after Aphrodite's birth, Aphrodite wanted to stop at island for rest, Halia sons refused to allow her to set foot on the island. Aphrodite cursed them with insanity. In their madness, they raped their own mother.  As punishment, Poseidon buried them beneath the island. Halia leapt into the sea in shame and was dissolved. In rare version, Halia was described to became sea goddess Leucathe, after leaping into the sea.

3:- In Greek mythology, Halia was one of Nereides, daughter of Nereus and Doris.


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