Sunday 5 January 2014


Nicaea, a Naiad nymph

In Greek mythology, Nicaea or Nikaia was a Naiad nymph of the spring or fountain and daughter of river god Sangarius and Cybele. Nicaea was a devotee of the goddess Artemis
Sleeping Nicaea is watched by shepherd Hymnus

                                  When a shepherd Hymnus fell in love with Nicaea. Nicaea grew angry and killed him as he was declaring his love. This enraged Eros, who inspired Dionysus to fall in love with her. Dionysus pursued her, she continued to spurn his advances. Dionysus with help of cunning potion (wine), made Nicaea sleep. Then Dionysus seduce intoxicated beautiful Nicaea. Nicaea conceived Telete from this union. According to some version, Nicaea hung herself after her daughter's birth. Dionysus named the city Nicaea after her.  


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