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In Greek mythology, Ixion was king of the Lapith, the ancient tribe of Thessaly. Ixion was described as the son of Ares or Leonteus or Antion, and Perimele. Ixion married Dia a daughter of Deioneus and promised his father-in-law a valuable present. However, Ixion did not pay the bride price, so Deioneus stole some of Ixion's horses in retaliation. Ixion invited his father-in-law to a feast, where Ixion pushed him into a pit filled with burning coals and wood. 
                  Ixion was the first man guilt of kin-slaying in Greek mythology, because this was a crime new to the human race, nobody could purified Ixion and he wandered an exiled. Zeus took pity on him and brought him to Olympus as a guest. Instead of being grateful, Ixion got attracted towards Hera, wife of Zeus, and he desire to have sex with her. 

Ixion seduced the duplicate Hera, Nephele
 When Hera reported that Ixion had attempted to violate her, Zeus did not believe that Ixion would be so disrespectful.  To verify Hera claim, Zeus  created duplicate of Hera from cloud, which was known as Nephele. Ixion seduce, the duplicate Hera- cloud, and from their union Centaurus was born. Ixion was expelled from Olympus and blasted with a thunderbolt. 
Ixion on the wheel

Zeus ordered Hermes to chained Ixion to a winged fiery wheel which revolted in the air in all direction.  Ixion was bound to fiery wheel for all eternity, spinning across the Tartarus. In some versions, Ixion was also forced to call out continously ' you should gratitute to your benefactor'. 


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