Monday 20 January 2014


In Greek mythology, Canace was described as the daughter of Aeolus, king of Thessaly, and Enarete. Her brothers were Athamas, Cretheus, Deioneus, Magnes, Perieres, Salmoneus and Sisyphus. Her sisters were Alcyone, Arne, Calyce, Peisidice, Perimede and Tanagra.
In some versions, Poseidon, sea god, fall in love with Canace, princess of Thessaly and Poseidon seduced Canace  in the form of a bull. Canace bore him a number of sons: Triopas, Hopleus, Nireus, Epopeus, and Aloeus. 


According to other version, Canace fell in love with her own brother, Macareus, and committed incest with him. Macareus promised to marry Canace, but never did. Canace got pregnant from incest relation. When their child was born Canace's nurse tried to take the baby out of the palace in a basket, pretending to be carrying a sacrificial offering, but the baby cried out and revealed itself. 
Canace, committing suicide

  Aeolus was outraged and compelled Canace to commit suicide as punishment, sending her a sword with which she was to stab herself. He also exposed the new born child to its death. In some version, Macareus kills himself over the matter as well.


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