Wednesday 22 January 2014


1:- In Greek Mythology, Rhene was a Nymph of the island of Samothrake in the north Aegean. Rhene was loved by the god Hermes, and bore him a son, Saon, the first king of Samothrake, after whom Mount Saon was named, the site of the island's famous Mysteries. 

According to some version, the pair may have mated in the shape of a ram and sheep, as Rhene - means "the sheep", and Hermes was the god of flocks.

2:- In Greek mythology, Rhene was a nymph of Mount Cyllene.  She was a paramour of Oileus and mother of his son Medon, although some suggest that Oileus fathered Medon with Alcimache. In one source, Rhene is given as the mother of Oileus' another son, Ajax the Lesser, as well, though the latter is more commonly said to be the son of Oileus' legitimate wife Eriopis.


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