Tuesday 19 May 2015


 In Greek mythology, Dione was the  Titan goddess of the oracle of Dodona in Thesprotia. Is some versions, Dione was described as the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, an according to other version, the daughter of Oceanus and Gaea

                                        According to some version, Dione was beloved by Zeus, by whom she became the mother of Aphrodite.  In some versions, Dione was described as Zeus wife and in other version, as one of the Zeus's adulterous partners. In one version (perhaps in error), Dione was described as the mother of Dionysus.
                                    In some versions, when goddess Aphrodite was wounded by Diomedes, Dione received her daughter in Olympus, and pronounced the threat respecting the punishment of Diomedes. In some verions, Dione was present, with other divinities, at the birth of Apollo and Artemis in Delos.
                  In greek mythology, Dione  was described as the daughter of Atlas and an Oceanid nymph (either Pleione or Aethra). Dione was one of the Hyades, the rain-bringing nymphs.

 Dione became the wife of king Tantalus, and they had two sons, Pelops and Broteas, and a daughter, Niobe2.