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    In Greek mythology, Erigone  was described as the daughter of  Aegisthus (son of Thyestes and his daughter, Pelopia) and Clytemnestra  (daughter of Leda and Tyndareus) , rulers of Mycenae.

                      According to some versions, Erigone was seduced by her half-brother, Orestes (son of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon) and became the mother of  Penthilus. Erigone would have been slain by Orestes along with her brother Aletes if not for the intervention of goddess Artemis, who rescued her and made her a priestess in Attica.
            In some versions, Erigone  hangs herself after the child was born. According to others, Hermione (daughter of Menelaus, king of Sparta and his wife, Helen of Troy) and Orestes were married, and she gave birth to his heir Tisamenus.  After Hermione died, Erigone was married Orestes and gave birth to Penthilus.
In some version, Erigone  sued Orestes to murder of her parents.
             In Greek mythology,  Erigone  was described as the daughter of Icarius, an Athenian.  Icarius hospitably received Dionysus on his arrival in Athena. The god of wine, Dionysus showed him his gratitude by teaching him the cultivation of the vine (grape plant),  make wine and giving him bags filled with wine. Icarius  gave some wine to several shepherds, who became intoxicated. Their companions, thinking they had been poisoned, killed Icarius and buried him under a tree or threw his body into the well Anygrus.His daughter, Erigone, and her dog, Maera, found his body. Erigone hanged herself over her father's grave. Maera jumped into a well and drowned.
Dionysus, Erigone and Icarius..

Dionysus was angry and punished Athens with a plague, inflicting insanity on all the unmarried women, who all hung themselves like Erigone did. Icarius, Erigone, and Maera were set among the stars as Bootes (or Arcturus), Virgo, and Procyon. The plague did not cease until the Athenians introduced honorific rites for Icarius and Erigone.

                        In some version, Dionysus was attracted towards  Erigone beauty.  Dionysus in the form of bunches of false grapes deceived and seduced Erigone.  


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  1. Excellent information. Thank you. I'm working on that family as I think they are related to the Akhenaten and the Egyptian family as events of Trojan War were around 650BC and not the silly figure of around 1200BC invented by the academics, as that doesn't allow for Aeneas and the founding of Rome as a state. Also the whole of Egyptian history is a muddle, but fortunately Wilson & Blacketts book Trojan War of 650BC sorts a lot of that muddle out.