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In Greek mythology, Leto was described as the daughter of  the Titan Coeus and Phoebe, a sister of Asteria, and the mother of Apollo and Artemis by Zeus. Leto was the goddess of motherhood. 

         Leto was described as the lawful wife of Zeus, but merely as a concubine. Zeus married Hera while Leto was pregnant. While the pregnancy began before the marriage Hera was still jealous of Leto. For the duration of Leto's pregnancy Hera created problems. First Leto was pushed out of Olympus and all the world being afraid of receiving her on account of Hera. Hera send dragon Python to chase Leto. Hera banned Leto from giving birth on the mainland, any island at sea, or any place under the sun
Leto with Apollo and Artemis

                                           Leto wandered about till she came to the island of Delos, which was then a floating island, and bore the name Asteria .But when Leto touched it, it suddenly stood still upon four pillars, which was neither mainland nor a real island. Yet she couldn't give birth because Hera had forbid Eilithyia, goddess of childbirth, to go to her. Eventually, the other goddesses felt bad for Leto and offered Hera a beautiful necklace to allow Leto to give birth. Hera accepted and Iris took Eilithyia straight to Leto. Leto first gave birth to Artemis and then after another nine days of labor to Apollo.

                                 Leto's problems continued. But, now she had her two fast developing children, both of whom became powerful archers, to protect her, four days old Apollo was able to kill Python.

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