Tuesday 2 September 2014


                                           In Greek mythology, Pseudologoi (singular Pseudologos) were described as gods or male spirits of lies and falsehoods. they were children of Eris, the goddess of strife. In some versions, Pseudologoi were described as children of Gaea and Aether

                                              According to other version, a single female spirit of falsehoods, Pseudologos, was described. It was described, when Prometheus the master craftsman and a supreme trickster, who sometimes associated with the the creation of humans -- was crafting Aletheia, the spirit of truth, so that she would be able to regulate humans behaviour. Prometheus was unexpected summons from Zeus, leaving Dolos (spirit or god of trickery) alone in the workshop. Dolos took up the remaining clay and began to sculpt a second figure, identical to the Aletheia. 

However, before he could complete the piece he ran out of clay, leaving his figure without feet. When Prometheus returned he marvelled at the similarity between the two creations and put both in the kiln. When they had been baked, he infused the figures with life. The first, Aletheia, walked with measured footsteps, but Dolos' replica, lacking feet, stood stuck in her tracks and acquired the name Pseudologos—Falsehood


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