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In Greek Mythology, Morpheus was the god of dreams and the leader of the Oneiroi, the god or spirit of dreams. Morpheus was the god responsible for the dreams and had amazing ability of appearing in dreams of morals in any form. When in arms of Morpheus people would enjoy a sound sleep, but would also see dream about their future or even coming event. Morpheus was the dream messager of gods, communicating the divine messages through images and stories, created as dreams.

Morphuus and Iris

Morpheus had a talent to mimicking any human in the dreams and was able to take any form he wanted. In his real form Morpheus is described with wings on his back. Morpheus was able to oversee the dreams of heroes and kings and influence the dreams of gods. Morpheus was the son of Hypnos (sleep) and Pasithea (relaxation and rest). According to other version, he was son of Nyx (night).

Morpheus and Iris

The dream world of Morpheus was the place were his family lived, whiled shaping dream of mortals as he wished. Morpheus slept in a cave full of poppy seed. The river Lethe, in the underworld, known as the river of forgetfulness, flows through his cave. According to some version the cave was guarded by to monsters, who materialized the fear of any uninvited visitors. The drug 'morphine' is named after him.


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