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In Greek mythology, Clytie (or Klytie) was an water nymph, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. Clytie was loved by sun god, Helios. He abandoned her for the love of Leukothoe. She was so angered by Helios treatment that she spread the Leukothoe affair story, and even told Leukothoe's father, Orchamus, about the affair. 
Clytie gazing sun

 Orchamus in anger put his daughter to death by burial alive in the earth. Clytie intended to who Helios back by taking away his love, but her action only hardened his heart against her. She stripped herself and sat naked with neither food nor drink for nine days on the rock staring at the sun. After nine days she was transformed into the sun gazing purple flower of the heliotrope. 

Later the writers described Clytie was transformed into sunflower.


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