Thursday 1 January 2015


In Greek mythology, Centaurs were described as half human and half horse, having the torso of a man extending where the neck of a horse should be. Centaurs were described as wild savage and lustful.  

                           Centaurs were born from the union of Ixion, king of Lapiths and Nephele, a cloud made in the image of Hera. According to other version, Centaurus son of Ixion and Nephele or  of Apollo and Stilbe, was described as father of Centaurs. Centaurus, who found no peace amongst other humans, and only place where he felt like he belonged was on the Mt Pelion. Centaurs were born, when Centaurus mated with a group of Magnesian mares who resided on the Mt Pelion. 

                                  Female Centaurs, called Centaurides were not mention in early Greek literature but in art they do appear. In later Greek literature, they were described as sister and wife of male Centaurs, who live on Mt Pelion with their children. 

                                                            The Centaurs were best know for their fight with Lapiths, at the wedding feast of king Pirithous of Lapiths.  As Centaurs were invited to the wedding feast, but, unused to wine, their wild nature came to the fore. When the bride was presented to greet the guests, Eurytion, one of the Centaurs, leaped up and attempted to rape or abduct her. All other Centaurs were up in a moment, attempted to rape or abduct female guests. Theseus who was present at the wedding feast, helped Pirithous and the Lapiths in the battle against the Centaurs, also know as the Centauromachy. In Greek legend, it was described, that Theseus fights against the 'fiercest of all fierce Centaurs' at the wedding of Pirithous.  The Lapiths drove Centaurs from Mt Pelion to Aethicia.  
  In some versions, it was described that Hylonome, the Centaurides (female Centaur) was the only female member of the Centaur tribe, presented at the wedding feast of Pirithous.  When her husband Cyllarus was killed in the battle, she committed suicide by casting herself upon his spear.     


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