Tuesday 23 December 2014

King Minos and Procris

                                  King Minos of Crete, was the son of Zeus and Europa. Minos married Pasiphae, immortal daughter of the sun god, Helios. Queen Pasiphae possessed the power of witchcraft. When queen came to know about her husband love affairs, she cast a spell on him, whenever Minos went to bed with another woman, he would  ejaculate poisonous wild creature, thus killing her. 
King Minos and Procris

                                           Young Athenian girl Procris, who was declared unfaithful wife, had left Athens, and came to Crete. King Minos got attracted towards Procris beauty and tried to persuade her to have sex with him. Procris knew if a woman had sex with Minos, she could not be saved. King Minos offered her two gifts [a javelin which never missed its mark and the dog Laelaps which no prey  could escape], if she agreed to have sex with him. The hunting dog Laelaps and javelin was first given to Europa by the god Zeus and was later handed down to Minos. Inflamed by desire for javelin and the dog, Procris  agreed to share bed with Minos. Procris began to search a cure or precaution by which she could not be harm by poisonous wild creature ejaculated by Minos. Procris had some knowledge of herbal medicine she made a potion from Circaean root.  
Procris and King Minos

                                             Hiding from queen Pasiphae, king Minos and Procris  came into the bed chamber. She gave Minos potion to drink and was not fully sure about the potion would work. Procris nervously joined him in the bed, thinking about Minos's ejaculation might kill her. When Minos ejaculated, it did not harm Procris, and both were happy.   She finally found the remedy and broke Pasiphae spell. Procris knew that secret and hidden affair with Minos would not proceed too long under the same roof, as she alway feared to be caught by his wife. Procris fearing the wrath of queen Pasiphae left Crete, taking with her the dog Laelaps and javelin. Procris went back to Athens and reconciled with her husband, Cephalus. 
                                                According to other version, when Procris came to Crete, she found that king Minos was affected by childlessness, and promised a cure, showing him how to beget children. King Minos would ejaculated snake, scorpions, and millisedes, killing the woman with whom he had sexual intercourse. But his wife Pasiphae, daughter of sun god Helios was immortal, so did not get killed by his ejaculation. 
Woman voluntary , Procris, and queen Pasiphae

                               Procris accordingly devised the following to make Minos fertile. She inserted the bladder of a goat into the genitals of a woman. Minos first had sexual intercourse  with that woman and ejaculated wild creatures into the bladder. Then he went to his wife, Pasiphae, and entered inside her genitals. When children were born to them, Minos gave Procris his javelin and the hunting dog. No animal could escape these two and they alway reached their target. 


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