Sunday 9 November 2014


In Greek mythology, Taygete was described as the daughter of Atlas and Pleione, one of the Pleiades and a companion of Artemis. Mt Taygetos in Laconia derived its name from her.
                                           Zeus was attracted towards her beauty and take advantage when Taygete was unconscious. Taygete was so ashamed when she recovered that she hid herself under Mount Taygetos, in Laconia. In due course she gave birth to Lacedaemon, founder of Sparta. According to other versions, in order to secure Taygete against Zeus lustful advance, Artemis transformed her into a doe. When she was restored to her original form, she showed her gratitude towards Artemis by dedicating to her the Cerynitian hind with golden horns. (The golden horns that Hercules had to fetch in his 3rd labor.)  In some versions, It was described that by Tantalus she became the mother of Pelops. 


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