Sunday 9 November 2014


        In Greek mythology, Merope  was one of the seven Pleiades, daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Merope married the impious (not religious) king Sisyphus and was ancestress of the Corinthian and Lycian royal families.

                                          Merope sisters had relations with gods and bore them sons, but Merope married Sisyphus and lived on the island Chios. Merope gave birth to Glaukos, Ornytion, Almus, Thersander and Sinon. According to some versions, Merope was so ashamed of her husband's crimes that she hid her face amongst the stars of heaven, and so the seventh star of the Pleiades faded away from human sight. According to other versions, Merope became invisible from shame, because she alone among her sisters had sexual intercourse with a moral man.

               In Greek mythology, Merope was described as the daughter of Oenopion, king of Chios, (son of Dionysus and Ariadne) and nymph Helike. When hunter Orion came to Chios, he love in love with beautiful princess, Merope. Orion served King Oinopion as huntsman and wished to marry Merope, but Oenopion, disliking the idea, made Orion drunk, put out his eyes as he slept, and then cast him on the beach. 

                                 According to other version, Orion got drunk went into the chamber of the Merope2, and had sex with her. Oenopion with assistance of Dionysus, who caused Orion to be thrown into a deep sleep by satyrs, in which Oenopion blinded him.
                                               In rare version, Merope was described as the wife of Oenopion. 



  1. Just a quick edit. "intercourse with a moral man" should be "intercourse with a mortal man"?

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