Sunday 4 September 2016


                       In Greek mythology, Salmoneus was describe as the king of Elis and founded the city of Salmone in Pisatis. Salmoneus was the son of  Aeolus (king of Thessaly) and Enarete, and brother of Athamas, Sisyphus, Cretheus, Perieres, Deioneus, Canace, Alcyone, and Perimede. Salmoneus  was first married to Alcidice and afterwards to Sidero, by the former wife he was the father of Tyro. He originally lived in Thessaly, but emigrated to Elis, where he built the town of Salmone. 

                                            Salmoneus and his brother Sisyphus hated each other. Sisyphus found out from an oracle that if he married Tyro, she would bear him children who would kill Salmoneus. At first, Tyro submitted to Sisyphus, married him, and bore him a son. When Tyro found out what the child would do to Salmoneus, she killed the boy. It was soon after this that Tyro lay with Poseidon and bore him Pelias and Neleus.
                                               Salmoneus went so far in his presumption and arrogance, that he deemed himself equal to Zeus, and ordered sacrifices to be offered to himself. He even imitated the thunder and lightning of Zeus, but the father of the gods killed the presumptuous man with his thunderbolt, destroyed his town, and punished him in the lower world. 


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