Wednesday 15 July 2015


                                          In Greek  mythology , Hymen  was described  as the god of marriage ceremonies, inspiring feast and song. 
Hymen, Aphrodite and Eros................

According  to Greek  mythology,  Hymen  was supposed to attend every wedding. If he did not then the marriage would supposedly prove disastrous. In Greek  art Hymen  was described as a young man wearing a garland of flowers and holding a burning torch in one hand. Hymen  was the son of Apollo and one of the Muses or Dionysus  and Aphrodite
Hymen and Eros

                                               According to other version, Hymen  was described as an Athenian youth of such delicate beauty, that he might be taken for a girl. Hymen  fell in love with a beautiful  girl, who refused to listen to him.  So Hymen in the disguise of a girl, followed her to Eleusis to the festival of goddess Demeter. He, together with the other girls, was carried off by pirates into a distant and desolate country. Hymen encouraged the women and plotted strategy with them, and together they killed pirates .

                                  Hymen returned to Athens, requesting the citizens to give him his beloved in marriage, if he restored to them the maidens who had been carried off by the pirates. His request was granted, and his marriage was extremely happy. For this reason he was invoked in the hymeneal songs.


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