Friday 13 March 2015

Caenis / Caeneus


In Greek mythology, Caenis was described as the daughter of  Elatus, a Lapith leader and Hippea. In other version, Caenis was described as the daughter of Atrax, the son of the river god Peneus and Bura. 
Poseidon and Caenis
     Sea god Poseidon was attracted towards Caenis stunning beauty and lusted after her. Caenis tried to escape Poseidon embraces, but Poseidon forced her to have sexual intercourse with him. Afterwards Poseidon promised to grant her anything she wished. Caenis wished to become a man, so that nothing like this could ever happen to her again.
Poseidon and Caenis
                                         Poseidon granted her wish, and in addition, made her/him invulnerable to all weapons.  Caenis then changed his name to Caeneus and became a warrior, traveling all over Thessaly.   Caeneus was among the company of heroes that hunt the Calydomia Boar.

                                       At the wedding of Pirithous, when fighting broke out between the Lapiths and the Centaurs, Caeneus slew many of the Centaurs but remained unharmed himself.In revenge for this, a mob of centaurs piled pine-tree trunks and stones upon him, since he was immune to weapons.
Centaurs and Caeneus................battle...

 The Centaur could not kill him, and he was crushed or smothered beneath the great weight. After Caeneus death, he fall directly into Tartarus. Other version described that he flew away from the pile of tree trunks as a golden-winged bird.


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