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                               In Greek mythology, Boreas was described as one of the Anemoi, the winged-god of the north wind and the bringer of winter. Boreas was the  son of Astraeus , the god of stars and planets and Eosthe goddess of dawn. Boreas was described to dwelt in a cave of mount Haemus in Thrace. Boreas had a violent temper and in some versions, Boreas was described to had snakes instead of feet, though in art he was usually depicted with winged human feet.
Boreas and Oreithyia

                               Boreas fell in love with Oreithyia, an Athenian princess. At first he attempted to woo her, but after failing at that he reverted to his usual temper and abducted her as she danced on the banks of the Ilissus. Boreas wrapped Oreithyia up in a cloud and had sex with her.With Oreithyia, Boreas fathered two sons- Calais and Zetes, both known as the Boreads and two daughters- Chione1, goddess of snow, and Cleopatra..
Boreas kidnapping Oreithyia

                        In some versions, Boreas was described as  the lover of the nymph Pitys and  of nymph Chione2. The nymph Chione2 gave birth to hyperborean Boreades, the three gaint sons of Boreas
 Boreas was closely associated with horses. He was said to have fathered twelve colts after taking the form of a stallion, to the mares of Erichthonius, King of Troy. These were said to be able to run across a field of grain without trampling the plants.
                                            According to Greek legend, Boreas and Helios (sun god), once competed to see who could strip a man's clothes off faster. Boreas tried his best to forcefully blow the young man's clothes away, but he simply gripped them tight and continued on his way. After giving up, Helios then released scorching rays of heat down upon him. The man took one garment off, then another, until he was completely undressed.


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