Monday 25 August 2014


 In Greek mythology, Momus (or Momos) was the god of mockery, blame, ridicule, scorn, complaint and stinging criticism. Momus was son of Nyx, the goddess of night, without a father, and the twin of the Oizys. In some versions Momus was described as the son of Erebus, the god of dark, and Nyx.  Momus was expelled from Mt Olympus (or heaven) for ridiculing the gods.

                                                        The story goes that Zeus, Poseidon and Athena were arguing about who could make something truly good. Zeus made the most excellent of all animals, man, while Athena made a house for people to live in, and Poseidon made a bull. Momus was selected to judge the competition. Momus did not like them all, he immediately started to criticize the bull for not having eyes under his horns to let him take aim when he gored something; he criticized man for not having been given a window into his heart so that his neighbour could see what he was planning; and he criticized the house because it had not been made with iron wheels at its base, which would have made it possible for the owners of the house to move it from place to place when they went travelling. So Momus was expelled from the Mt Olympus.
Momus expelled from Mt Olympus

                                             According to other version, Momus criticized Hephaestus,  for having made mankind without window into their heart, through which their thoughts could be seen. He mocked Aphrodite, though all he could find was that she was talkative and had creaky sandals. He even found fit to mock Zeus, saying he is a violent god and lusts for woman. Because of his constant criticism, he was exiled from Mt. Olympus.


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