Wednesday 12 March 2014


In Greek mythology, Theophane was described as the daughter of Bisaltes. Poseidon the god of sea fell in love with Theophane. When many suitors sought her from her father, Poseidon carried her off and took her to the island of Crumissa. 


When the suitors knew she was staying there, they secured a ship and hastened to Crumissa. To deceive them, Poseidon changed Theophane into a very beautiful ewe, himself into a ram, and the citizens of Crumissa into cattle. When the suitors came there and found no human beings, they began to slaughter the herds and use them for food. Poseidon saw that the men who had been changed to cattle were being destroyed, and changed the suitors into wolves. He himself, in ram form, mate with Theophane, and from this union was born the Aries Chrysomallus (Golden-fleeced Ram) which carried Phrixus to Colchis, and whose fleece, hung in the grove of Ares, Jason took away


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