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Psykhe or Phyche was the goddess of the soul, wife of Eros.
                                                                    Psyche was a mortal princess whose astounding beauty earned the ire of Aphrodite when men turned their worship from goddess to girl. Aphrodite commanded Eros make psyche fall in love with the most hideous of men.

 However the Eros himself fell in love with her and carried her away to his secret palace. However Eros hid his true identity and commanded her never to look upon his face.Psyche was eventually tricked by her jealous sister into gazing upon the face of Eros and he abandoned her.
Psyche jealous sisters made her believe that in the darkness of night she was embracing some hideous monster, and accordingly once, while Eros was asleep, she approached him with a lamp and to her amazement, she beheld the most handsome and lovely of the gods. In her excitement of joy and fear, a drop of hot oil fell from her lamp upon his shoulder. This awoke Eros, who censured her for her mistrust, and escaped. 

 In the despair she searched throughout the world for her lost love and eventually came into the service of Aphrodite. The goddess commanded her to perform a series of difficult labors which culminated in a journey to the underworld. In the end psyche was reunited with Eros and the couple wed in a ceremony attended by the gods.

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