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In Greek mythology, Rhoeo was described as the daughter of Staphylus (son of Dionysus and Ariadne) and Chrysothemis, and sister of  Parthenos and Molpadia.


                                           According to some versions, a bitter strife arose between Rhoeo and Molpadia, as both fell in love with Lyrcus, the guest of Staphylus. Staphylus knew about the prediction of the oracle at Didyma that Lyrcus would beget a child with the first woman whom he bedded after leaving the shrine and Staphylus wanted a male heir.  Staphylus got Lyrcus drunk on wine and send his daughter Molpadia into Lyrcus bed chamber, where they have sex. Later Molpadia became mother of Basileus.
                                                                                  Apollo, god of music, fell in love with Rhoeo. Apollo used to secretly visit her in night, in her bed chamber, and had sex with her. When her father discovered her pregnancy, he believed she was impregnated by a man rather than a god. Staphylus in anger, shut up his daughter, Rhoeo in a chest and cast her into the sea. But the chest was washed up upon Delos, where she gave birth to Anius.
Rhoeo and Apollo
Rhoeo then put baby Anius on the altar of Apollo and prayed to the god that the baby be saved if it was his. Apollo concealed the child for some time, taught him the art of divination and granted him certain honors.
                                    Later, Rhoeo married Zarex (son of Carystus) who accepted Anius as his own, and had two more children with him.


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