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       In Greek mythology, Molpadia was described as the daughter of Staphylus (son of Dionysus and Ariadne) and Chrysothemis, and sister of  Parthenos and Rhoeo.
Molpadia or Hemithea

                                       When Lyrcus arrived at Bybastus (town in Caria), a bitter strife arose between Rhoeo and Molpadia, as both fell in love with Lyrcus. Lyrcus was the guest of Staphylus. Staphylus knew about prediction made by oracle at Didyma that Lyrcus would beget a child with the first woman with whom he had sex after leaving the shrine. Staphylus wanted a male heir, so welcomed Lyrcus in a friendly manner and enticed him to much drinking of wine. When Lyrcus had his senses dulled with wine, Staphylus send his daughter, Molpadia, into Lyrcus bed chamber.  Molpadia had sex with drunk Lyrcus and then both fell asleep.

Molpadia and Lyrcus

           The next morning Lyrcus discovered the trap that his host had laid for him. When Lyrcus saw  Molpadia by his side, he was exceedingly angry. He upbraided Staphylus violently for his conduct. Finally seeing that there was nothing to be done, Lyrcus took off his belt and gave it to Molpadia, telling her to keep it until their future child had come of age. Then the child would possess a token by which he might be recognized, if he should ever come to his father at Caunus. Lyrcus sailed away home.  
                             Molpadia gave birth to Basilus. Years later Basilus,  came to the land of Caunus. Lyrcus recognized him as his son, and made him ruler over his peoples.

     Molpadia and Parthenos were put in charge of watching after their father's wine, a drink which had only recently been discovered among men, but fell asleep while performing this duty. While they were asleep some swine which they were keeping entered in and broke the jar which contained the wine and so destroyed the wine. Molpadia and Parthenos when learned what had happened, in fear of their father's wrath, threw themselves off a cliff.    But Apollo, because of his affection for their sister (Rhoeo), rescued them and carried them to two different cities in Chersonesus, Molpadia to Castabus and Parthenos to Bubastus, where both received divine honors.  Molpadia's name was changed to Hemithea, means- "half goddess", because the god Apollo had appeared to men, and she was honored by all who dwelt in the Chersonesus. Hemithea became a local goddess in the Chersonesus.

                       In Greek mythology, Molpadia was described as an Amazon who was said to have fought for both Antiope and Orithyia.

 She was a participant in the Attic War, where she witnessed her queen Antiope sustain heavy injuries. Antiope was hurt so seriously that she could not defend herself from Theseus and his retainers. Knowing this, Molpadia killed the queen with an arrow or spear, saving her from violation by the Athenian king. According to other version, Molpadia killed Antiope by accident. She was afterwards killed by Theseus, and her tomb was shown at Athens.

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