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                                                          In Greek mythology,  Aglaulus was described as the daughter of Actaeus, king of Athens. Aglaulus married Cecrops and became the mother of Erysichthon, Aglaulus2, Herse, and Pandrosus.

                  In Greek mythology, Aglaulus (or Agraulos) was described as the daughter of Cecrops and Aglaulus1. Aglaulus was very beautiful and  loved by Ares, the god of war, and Hermes, the god of thievery. Aglaulus bore a daughter Alkippe2 (by Ares) and a son Ceryx (by Hermes).


According to some versions, when Hephaestus attempted to rape Athena (see rape of Athena) but was unsuccessful. His semen fell on the ground, impregnating Gaea, the goddess of earth.. Gaea did not want the infant Erichthonius, so she gave the baby to the goddess Athena.

Aglaulus, Herse and Pandrosus........opened the box given by Athena

 Athena gave the baby in a box to Aglaulus and her two sisters, Herse and Pandrosus. Athena warned them to never open it. Aglaulus and Herse opened the box. The sight of the infant caused them both to go insane and they threw themselves off into the sea.According to other version,   Aglaulus had sacrificed herself for the city (Athens) during the war against Eleusis. 
Hermes turning Aglaulus to stone......

                                                                           According to one version,  Hermes loved Herse but her jealous sister, who was Aglaulus, stood between them, barring Hermes's entry into the house and refusing to move. Hermes was outraged at her presumption and turned her to stone.

 In Greek mythology, Aglaulus was described as the daughter Erectheus, the king of Athens, from incestuous relationship with his daughter Procris.


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