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In Greek mythology, Mestra was described as the daughter of Erysichthon, king of Thessaly.  The sea god, Poseidon fell in love with Mestra and had love affair with her. Poseidon gave her a gift, the ability to change her shape at will.
Erysichthon selling Mestra

Mestra father cut down trees in a grove, sacred to Demeter. Demeter punished him by placing Aethon, the god of famine, in his stomach while he was sleeping, making him permanently hungry. He sold all his possessions, at last he sold his own daughter Mestra into slavery or to suitors for the bride prices. Mestra was sold many time, but each time she escape by changing her shape in the form of various animals, and return to her father.
                           In some versions,  Mestra later married the thief Autolycus, son of Hermes and Chione3.


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