Friday 13 March 2015


In Greek mythology, Endeis was described as the queen of island Aegina and wife of Aeacus (son of Zeus and Aegina).  Endeis was the daughter of  Centaur Chiron and the nymph Chariclo and in other version, she was described as the daughter of the Megarian warlord Sciron.


                                   In some versions,  It was described that Endeis was jealous of her stepson Phocus (son of Aeacus and nereid Psamathe) and induced her sons Peleus and Telamon to murder the boy. In some versions, it was described that Telamon and Peleus were jealous of Phocus because he excelled at athletic sports. In any case they drew lots and Telamon was chosen to murder Phocus, his half brother. This was done in a ruse at the pentathlon which they convinced Phocus to participate in. In the sport, Telamon threw a discus under the pretense of participating in the competition. The projectile hit its target, accidentally killing Phocus. Both Telamon and Peleus hid the body of Phocus, but it was soon discovered. For this Aeacus exiled them both from Aegina.


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