Tuesday 24 March 2015


                                                          In Greek mythology, Poena (or Poine or Poene) was spirit  of retribution, vengeance, recompense, punishment and penalty for the crime of murder and manslaughter. Poena was described as the daughter of Gaea and Aether.  In some version, Poena was described as the mother of the Erinyes, goddesses concerned with avenging filial crimes. The poena also means to the bloodmoney paid to the victim's family to expiation the crime of murder. In some versions, Poena was referred to many, know as Poenai.

                                                               Apollo once sent a monstrous she-dragon, Poena, to punish the Argives for the death of his infnat son Linus (see Psamathe2).  In some versions, Paena was described as a close resemblance to the child-devouring demon Lamia.


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