Thursday 23 January 2014


In Greek mythology, Apemosyne was a daughter of Catreus (son of Minos), the king of Crete, and sister of Althaemenes, Aerope and Clymene.According to legend, an oracle told Catreus that he would be murdered by one of his children; to prevent this from happening, he sent his children away from Crete.Apemosyne and her brother Althaemenes left Crete for Rhodes. 

                        There, Hermes fell in love with Apemosyne, but Apemosyne fled from him and Hermes could not catch her, because she ran faster than him.  On her way back from a spring, Apemosyne slipped on freshly skinned hides that Hermes had laid across her path. So Hermes was able to caught her, and seduce her.When she disclosed to her brother what had happened, Althaemenes took her story about the god to be an excuse, and killed her with a kick of his foot.


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