Tuesday 14 January 2014



In Greek mythology, Aegina (Aigina) was a Naiad nymph, the daughter of river-god Asopus and Metope. Zeus fell in love with Aegina. He carried her off in the guise of a eagle to an island and seduce her. The island was named after her. Aegina's father Asopus chased after them, his search took him to Corinth, where Sisyphus was king. Sisyphus, having chanced to see a great bird bearing a maiden away to a nearby island, informed Asopus. Zeus threw down his thunderbolts sending Asopus back to his own water. Aegina have birth to  Aeacus, who became the king of the island, Aegina.  
                According to some version, Aegina was carried by Zeus to secure her from the anger of her parents.  Aegina got married to Actor, the son of the king Deioneus of Phocis and Diomede, and bore him a son Menoitius. 


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