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In Greek mythology, Ganymede was a Trojan prince, son of Tros or Laomedon. He was the most beautiful of all morals. Ganymede was carried off by Zeus either in his natural shape or in the form of an eagle or he sent his eagle to fetch Ganymede into heaven (Mt Olympus). Ganymede was carried off, to be the cupbearer of Zeus, in which office he was conceived to have succeeded Hebe. Zeus compensated the father of Ganymede, with the present of a pair of divine horses, and Hermes who took the horses to Ganymede's father, at same time comforted him by informing him that by will of Zeus, Ganymede had became immoral and exempt from old age. The other version state that the compensation which Zeus have to Ganymede's father consisted of a golden vine.

Zeus and Ganymede
Later writers describe him as the beloved and favorite of Zeus. Ganymede was frequently represented as the god of homosexual love. In a rare version, Ganymede was said to be carried of by Tantalus or Minos, and that he was killed during the chase.


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  1. Ganymed !

    "Up! Up it surges.
    The clouds are leaning
    Downwards, the clouds
    Bow down to yearning love.
    To me! To me!
    In your lap, clouds,
    Embracing, embraced!
    Upwards to thy bosom,
    All-loving Father!"