Monday 23 February 2015


Phorcys and Ceto

In Greek mythology, Phorcys was described as the son of Pontus and Gaea, and a brother of ThaumasNereus, Eurybia, and Ceto. Phorcys was an ancient sea-god who presided over the hidden dangers of the deep.
Phorcys and Ceto.....

                With his sister and consort (wife) Ceto he became the father of the monstrous children collectively known as the Phorcydes.: Skylla (the crab) a monster who devoured passing sailors, Thoosa (the swift) mother of the rock-tossing cyclops Polyphemos, Ladon (strong flowing) a hundred-headed sea-serpent, Ekhidna (viper) a she-dragon, the Graiai (grey ones) spirits of the sea-foam, and the Gorgones (terrifying ones) whose petrifying gaze probably created the dangerous rocks and reefs of the sea.


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