Friday 15 May 2015


In Greek mythology, Ananke ( or Anance) was the primeval goddess of necessity, compulsion, and inevitability. According to some versions, Ananke was described as the daughter of Hydrus and Gaea.

                                     Ananke was the powerful deity that rules compulsion, constraint, restraint, or coercion, and presides over all forms of slavery and bonds, starting with the basic necessities of life. Consequently, when someone was cast into prison, or fastened by chains, her name was evoked. For she was behind all bonds, and had a share even in the ties of kinship, friendship and love. She was called Necessity, since once the attachment was established there can not but follow what necessarily was derived from it, her might allowing no resistance.
               Ananke's dominion was mainly experienced in the physical world, and therefore she had been held responsible for the ugliness of all violent dealings deriving from her compelling power. Accordingly, her rule was, not seldom, fought against violently by ignorance. And when this occurs new necessary bonds may appear as a result.
                               Ananke was seen as the most powerful dictator of all fate and circumstance which meant that mortals, as well as the Gods, respected her and paid homage. According to some versions, Ananke was described as the mother of  Fates (Moirai). In one version, Ananke was described as the mother of Nemesis.

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