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                             In Greek mythology, Pirithous was described as the king of the Lapiths in Thessaly. Pirithous was the son of Dia, either by Ixion or Zeus. In some versions, Pirithous received his name from the circumstance, when Zeus attempted to seduce his mother, Dia, ran around her, in the form of a horse, as  Pirithous means ' to run around'. 

                                 Pirithous had heard rumors about Theseus' courage and strength in battle but wanted proof. So Pirithous stole some of Theseus' cattle or horses from Marathon and Theseus set out in pursuit. Pirithous took up his arms and the pair met to do battle, but were impressed with each other they took oath of friendship.  They were among the company of heroes that hunt the Calydomia Boar. 
Centaurs attempting to abduct and rape female guest in wedding feast   

                                        Later Pirithous was preparing to marry Hippodamia2, daughter of Atrax or Butes. The Centaurs had been invited in the wedding feast. Unused to wine, Centaurs wild nature came to the fore. When bride was presented to greet the guests, Centaur Eurytion leapt up and attempted to rape or abduct her. All the other centaurs attempted to rape or abduct female guests in wedding feast. Pirithous and his friend Theseus, led the Lapiths to victory over the Centaurs in the battle known as the Centauromachy. With his wife, Hippodamia, Pirithous became the father of Polypoetes. 
Pirithous and Theseus kidnapping Helen

               Later after the death of Pirithous and Theseus wives, they pledged themselves to marry daughter of Zeus. Theseus chose young girl Helen of Sparta and together they kidnapped her, decided to hold onto her untill she was old enough to marry. Pirithous chose Persephone, the queen of underworld. They left Helen with Theseus mother Aethra and traveled to the underworld domain of Persephone and her husband Hades. They sat down to rest on a rock, at the outskirts of underworld. Soon they found themselves unable to stand up from the rock and saw the Erinyes appear before them.  They were stretched out and tortured by Erinyes. 

                                 Later Hercules freed Theseus  from the rock, but the earth shook when Hercules attempted to liberated Pirithous.  As Pirithous had committed great crime for wanting the queen of underworld, the wife of Hades. So Pirithous was stuck forever in underworld. 

                                  By the time Theseus returned, the Helen's brothers Castor and Pollux, had taken Helen back to Sparta. They had taken captive Aethra (Theseus mother) and Physadeia (Pirithous sister), who became handmaidens of Helen and later follow her to Troy.

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