Sunday 25 May 2014

Thespiades----------Fifty daughters of King Thespius

                                        In Greek mythology, the fifty daughters of King Thespius were referred as Thespiades. King Thespius and his wife Megamede, (daughter of Arneus) had fifty daughters together, although Thespius may have fathered some of the daughters from unnamed mistresses with Megamede being their stepmother. All his daughters came of marrying age but Thespius seems to have sought no husband for them; he instead desired grandchildren from the hero Hercules.
Fifty daughters of King Thespius
                                    When Hercules was assigned to kill Cithaeron lion, Thespius offered his fifty daughters as a prize. The hunt for the lion lasted fifty days, and during each night of the hunt Hercules slept with each of the fifty daughters, who in turn each gave birth to one son. According to other version Hercules slept with the fifty daughters of Thespius in a single night. According to some version, only forty-nine slept with the Hercules, as one daughter of Thespius was so shy to sleep with Hercules, so as a punishment she was destined to serve as a virgin priestess of a temple to Hercules.In another version there were fifty-one grandsons of Thespius, of which forty colonized the island of Sardinia.


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